Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wife after God, Day 5 + 6

Wife after God is designed to walk you through a journey with god, that is tailored through the role of being a wife. I am going to go day by day and reflect on my relationship with god and my husband. I will not be summarizing days or writing the versus that correlate. But I will be journaling and using the refection questions to help me go through this next month. 

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Day 5: Transforming Love
What are some ways in which Jesus was a great example for how you should love your husband?
Gods love has taught others to love, including me. He went through pain and suffering because he loved us unconditionally. The way he loved others has shown me how I should love my husband. 

Where can you find the strength and motivation to love your husband especially when he doesn't deserve it?
I haven't come to a time where I feel my husband doesn't deserve my love, but I find the strength and motivation to show love towards my husband in many ways. It might be something as small as saying 'I love you' before going to bed or as large as doing something for him, when he least expects it. I think showing your significant other that you love them is part of the partnership of marriage. 

How can you show your husband you love him unconditionally?
Like I said above it can be many different things, something small or large. I don't think it matters as long as you continue showing him that you love him throughout your marriage. 

Day 6: Ministry of Reconciliation 
How did God reconcile the world to himself?
Christ death provided the meaning of reconciliation. He lets us all know not to count their trespasses against us, God does not use peoples sins as a reason to withhold salvation or reconciliation. 

What usually keeps you from mending your relationship with your husband after an argument or offense? 
My husband and I are both the forgiving types. We would rather just say sorry and move on then talk about it. When we know we need to discuss something, we both tend to get quite and collect ourselves before we get into a deep discussion  But in the end, I think communication is key to a relationship and is needed to make a good marriage.  

How can you participate in the ministry of reconciliation on your marriage?
Reconciliation redeems relationships, restoring harmony, peace, and agreement. God had given all of us the ability to use reconciliation, making me able to be at peace with others and my husband. You should mirror christ love despite any situations. 

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