Monday, April 28, 2014

Wife after God, Day 27 + 28

Wife after God is designed to walk you through a journey with god, that is tailored through the role of being a wife. I am going to go day by day and reflect on my relationship with god and my husband. I will not be summarizing days or writing the versus that correlate. But I will be journaling and using the refection questions to help me go through this next month. 

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Day 27:Intimacy with God
In what ways do feel God might be pursuing an intimate relationship with you?
I feel God might be pursuing an intimate relationship with me because it is the pursuit of knowing one another at the deepest part. It allows him to see me for my whole self. 

What areas of your heart have you kept from God?
I feel as though I haven't kept areas from God, but have hid from him with the business of life. Like I have said before that is one of the main reasons I did this devotional. 

How will an intimate relationship with God affect your marriage?
I think if both of you can have a relationship with God it will only make your relationship stronger as a married couple. 

What is one way you can pursue God right now?
A relationship with God begins with prayer and communication to him. Also, partaking in communion is one way that you can experience intimacy with God. There are many other ways to pursue God you just need to respond to him reaching out to you. 

Day 28: Intimacy in Marriage 
How does intimacy in marriage build or increase over time?
A marriage gets stronger over time when they can experience a loving relationship, where they passionately pursue each other daily, and where the ups and downs draw them closer together. 

In what ways is your intimate relationship with your husband dependent on your intimate relationship with God?
They are very similar in that you need to be venerable and be able to show each other your whole self. 

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