Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wife after God, Day 19 + 20

Wife after God is designed to walk you through a journey with god, that is tailored through the role of being a wife. I am going to go day by day and reflect on my relationship with god and my husband. I will not be summarizing days or writing the versus that correlate. But I will be journaling and using the refection questions to help me go through this next month. 

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Day 19: Who You are Called to Be
Who does God call you to be?
I think what God is calling me to be changes through out time. There is not a master list highlighted who I should be, and as i grow this calling can change. Most recently I feel like I am called to be a good wife and soon to be mother. With that I feel I am called to be the best I can be and take care of myself as well. I think another calling is to strength my faith, which is one reason I choose to do this devotional. 
How will your marriage be impacted as you live out these calls?
I think this will only strength my marriage and make it the best it can be. Both me and my husband will be blessed through these changes and our actions, attitudes and words towards each other with strength as well. 
What is one call that you need to spend more time working on?
I think God calls me to be happy with who I am, with that I think I need to spend more time for myself which will also make me a better wife. 
Day 20: Prayer For You
Why is it important for you to pray every day?
I going to come out a say it I don't pray every day. I know boo on me. But I do try to take my drive time to and from work to have reflection time. But when it comes to true prayer time I feel like there are times God tells me when and what I need to pray for. 
How has the guided prayers in this devotional impacted you?
I think the guided prayer has helped me think about certain tops that I would have not normally prayer for and now will add to my list of things I should be praying for. Also I have a hard time speaking my prayers out loud and I have tried reading these prayers out loud, which will allow me to start be comfortable with that aspect of my prayer life. 
In what ways can you increase quality prayer time with God?
I feel like I will work on my overall prayer life. Maybe I will continue to journal with out the prompt questions like I have this month maybe I will continue to do devotionals to remind me I need to take time to think about myself and others and pray to God about it. 

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