Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 months Pregnant

I can't believe I am 8 months pregnant!

 * Baby is the size of a large squash, and weighs around 4 pounds. *
* Baby is practicing breathing, sucking, swallowing ect. *
* She still has room to move a bit, and is move like crazy. *

Over all I am feeling pretty good, when I sit or stand for to long I get a little uncomfortable its all just about moving around and continuing to find a good position that is comfortable for a bit. I have been feeling some slight pressure down low, so i am thinking the baby is slowly working  her way into position. 

I have a few more weeks of work and I am so ready to start maternity leave so I can get everything ready for Tatum. I literally have a list so long of things I want to get accomplished before she is born. The good thing is my mom is staying with me for just over a week to help me with all this. 
I had a doctors appointment a few days ago and was able to get an ultrasound, It was so great to see her and know that everything is measuring properly and she is progressing the way she is supposed to. Tatum is just over 4 pounds and is in the 62 percentile. Though everyone is telling me I look small she is actually measure a little larger. She is also already head down, which is good she is right on track and preparing herself for the birth. 

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