Monday, March 3, 2014

What to put on your babies registry

So I just started registering for my baby shower and it was pretty overwhelming. When you walk into a Babies R Us there is a plethora of products and variety of brands to choose from. I tried to keep it to a minimum knowing half of the things are items you don’t really “need”.

I have broken the registry down into nursery, feeding, gear & essentials. I feel like these are the items you can register for or even what you can buy on your own. I have left out clothing, furniture & all extras like lotions, detergents, etc. because I really think those items vary so much for everyone. 

Baby monitor, Glider, Humidifier, Changing Pad

Breast pump, milk storage containers, nursing pillows, Breast Pads, Bottles, bottle brush, Bumbo

Car seat, Stroller, Pack n Play, Infant carrier, Baby Swing

Diaper Bag, Pacifier, Bath tub, Baby grooming kit, Thermometer, Diapers, Diaper Genie

I know this is a lot of “needs” and this list can be different for everyone. I have done a lot of research and blog reading and we will see if my needs change once my baby girl is here. I will keep you all up to date. 

What did you register for? What was your must haves? 

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