Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dressing Well on A Budget

Dressing well on a budget
Here are a few tricks for dressing well on a budget:

* Keep it Simple *
I have learned shopping at less expensive retailers don't always save you money. Buy trendy pieces at these stores, and invest in better quality items that will last season after season. 

* Get Creative *
Rework what you already own. Get inspirations from blogs, friends, and pinterest. Maybe you only need to buy a new accessory to change up an outfit.

* Try Subtle Embellishment *
Understated hardware makes bags and shoes feel polished and sophisticated. When it comes to clothing, look for the same thing. Look for something that is not an all over accent, maybe beading on the hems or the pocket. 

* layer your Jewelry *
Less expensive necklaces layered together usually make a better statement then one big cheap piece. Also, being able to layer different necklaces in different ways gives the perception you own more jewelry then you do. 

What are some of your tricks to dressing on a budget?

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