Sunday, March 9, 2014

Diaper Invites

So last week I shared a DIY Diaper Cake tutorial, and this week I bring to you a DIY diaper invitation tutorial. 
I will tell you now I did not think of these myself, I was inspired to make these by seeing a variety of them on pinterest and etsy. I had my sister in law help me make them and I am very happy with how they came out and I think they look amazing!   

* What you Need * 
Diaper Template
5.5'' Square Envelopes
Color of your choice card stock (I picked 2 different ones)
Glitter Card stock
Bubble scissors
hole punch
Pre-cut cloud circles
Safety pins
'your invited' stickers

* Execution *
1. Trace and cut out template on colored paper of your choice. 
2. Then use your cloud scissors to cut where those flaps are. Both along the sides and the top of the invite, then go along the bottom with them as well. 
3. Now I copy the template by laying it over mine to fold up the bottom and made a crease, and did the same to the side wings. 
4. I used a hole punch to punch holes just on the flaps and the folded up part to later stick my ribbon through. 

5. Next I made the inside portion. I typed out what wording I wanted and was able to put 6 on a page. Then cut it and framed it with the pink glitter paper. 

6. Lastly, I assembled the invites by feed my ribbon through and tied a pretty bow, and then safety pinned the 'your invited' buttons on the front. 

* Pictures of the finished product! *

 photo Signature_zpsdbf774ba.png

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