Sunday, March 2, 2014

Diaper Cake

I am so excited for today! Yes, I am finally showing you my diaper cake tutorial. Diaper cakes make an adorable baby shower centerpiece decoration or a fun gift for the mom to be! 

If you have looked on pinterest there are a lot of different variations of the diaper cakes. The one I am showing you today is very simple and my personal favorite.

This diaper cake I made is a 3 tiered cake. Depending on how many diapers you have you can make your cake larger or smaller.  

* What you Need *
70 diapers (I used Pampers size 2)
70 small rubber bands and 6 large rubber bands
 Cardboard (for cutting out circle bases)
1 wooden dowel
Cake topper

* Execution *

 The first thing you want to do is begin rolling up your diapers into little bundles. 
Start rolling the diaper at the opening and roll inward.
secure with a rubber band, make sure the rubber band is in the center of the diaper, this will help them look even when you assemble your cake. (and they will then be covered with the ribbon. 

After you have rolled up all of the diapers you can start to assemble your Cake Layers.

For the top layer of the cake I used 10 diapers.
You want to stand them up vertically and form a circle, with 2 diapers in the middle and 8 surrounding it, then secure with a large rubber band. 

You want to try and make sure that the crease of the diapers are facing inwards. This makes the overall layers look nice and neat. 

For the middle layer I used 20 diapers. 
Form a small inner circle with 8 diapers, secure with large rubber band. Then form a larger circle by adding 12 more diapers around the first circle. Then secure that circle with a large rubber band.

For the bottom layer I used 40 diapers. 
Form a replica of the middle layer, and then form a larger circle by adding 20 diapers around that circle. Then secure with a large rubber band.  

Now that your layers are done its time for the bows. I used this youtube bow tutorial for the bows. (I didn't put them on a clip, I just hot glued it to the cake. and I also used smaller sized ribbon)
You don't have to put bows on the cake, I just like that finished look. As well as you can just tie a normal bow if you want. 

Now that all the layers are completed you need a base for your diaper cake. I just traced the diaper layers and then cut out my circles. 
Then poke a hole in the center of the circles, so we are able to put the dowel through it. 

I make my circles a little bigger then the layer so I can use raffia to cover the edges. 

I wrapped each layer with wide yellow ribbon, and then the smaller feet ribbon.
Once you have wrapped your ribbon around all three layers you can finally assemble your cake. 
Set the bottom later on the largest cardboard circle. Insert the wooden dowel into the center of the diapers. I will tell you know you don't necessarily need the wooden dowel, but it does help stabilize the whole cake. 
Slide the wooden dowel through the hole in the medium sized cardboard circle.
Add the middle layer to your diaper cake. 
Slide the wooden dowel through the hole in the small cardboard circle. 
Add the top layer to the diaper cake. 

* Pictures of the finished product! :) *

Are you a fan of diaper cakes??


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