Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Months Pregnant

So I am currently 7 months pregnant and I feel like this journey I'm on is really sinking in, finally because I only have 3 months left. I can truly say that I feel like everything you experience while your pregnant is heightened to a whole new level, whether it's your emotions, thoughts, aches and pains, fears, anticipations, and expectations. I already have anxiety and now I will tell you I'm just plain crazy. I thank my husband everyday for having to deal with me. With that all said I wouldn't take any of these feelings away, this is one time in my life I don't mind being just plain crazy. 

Baby Update:

Symptoms: Even though I have a body pillow to help with comfort at night, I am still finding it hard to get comfortable.  I guess I will be prepared for sleepless nights when the baby arrives! But besides being tired I cant complain, I think I got sick enough in the beginning nothing can be bad now.
Baby Movement: Tatum is a kicker, especially at night. When I wake up in the middle of the night I cant feel her moving around.
Next appointment: Friday is my next appt. I did my glucose 2 weeks ago and I am all clear, thank goodness because that was not a fun test. I feel like I should get another ultrasound soon so I will let me know when that is happening. 
Stretch Marks: Nothing so far. I am putting lotion on like no other, I think that is helping a lot.
Food Cravings: Anything sweet, I love frozen yogurt. 
Baby Buys: I am have been really good and haven't bought her anything, I don't know how much longer I can wait though. 
Baby Bump: I am feeling pretty big, but everyone tells me how small I am, so I am thinking I will grow a lot in the next few weeks. 

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