Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making your House a Home, Part ll

So first off I just want to say thank you!! Last week I let you all know how excited I was to be starting this mini series, and the responses I received was amazing. 

Again I want this to be an open conversation. So as we go through the rooms and areas I have decorated I would love to hear input or links to how you have made your house more of a home. 

Here's what we've got coming up in the series (and links to previous posts): 
* Thursday, February 20th: Entry Way / Mudroom
* Today: Kitchen
* Wednesday, March 12th: Living Room
* Thursday, March 20th: Office
* Tuesday, April 8th: Loft
* Tuesday, April 22nd: Guest Bedroom
* Monday, May 5th: Babies Bedroom
* Tuesday, May 20th: Master Suite

I am pretty sure you all have heard the age old saying, "The kitchen is the heart of the home." Though I don't necessarily think this applies to everyone's kitchen. I do think we all have an area of the home that can be "the heart of the home". The elements that make the home cozy and areas filled with things we love. With that said I do think the kitchen is a big part of a home! 

Who doesn't love walking into a kitchen and find something delicious or refreshing just waiting for you to eat. Some of the most wonderful things are created in the kitchen. Little ones get fed, loved ones are blessed, lessons are learned, and sometimes food get burned! I do think my kitchen is often the messiest, but I try not to stress and keep it as clean as possible. 

What do you love about your kitchen??
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