Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 Months Pregnant

This week starts my 6 month of my pregnancy, and everything is going great. Baby seems happy, healthy, and kicking everyday. 

Sleeping. or not really sleeping. I have a body pillow, which is definitely helps get me ore comfortable, but doesn't always help with the sleeping. and when I finally fall asleep I wake up every night by my over active bladder. I know TMI. 
Eating. Though I feel like I don't really have cravings, as of right now I love anything refreshing. It might be a smoothie, frozen yogurt, or even a decaf iced coffee.  
I've gained. a whole 2 pounds at this point in pregnancy. It isn't a lot and I have been filling up on dinners, and lunches, and extra snacks. I asked the doctor if this was a problem, but she was happy with everything and said not to worry about anything. 
Belly Button. umm… we've got a weird looking innie/outtie situation going on. 
Life has Been. uneventful for the most part. For the most part I'm still just going along with my daily routines. 

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