Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Buy Pumps!

How to Buy Pumps
How to Buy Pumps. I Love wearing heels and this check list is one I follow when looking at buying new heels. 

* Check the materials, matte leather is the most classic. I love the look of a patent leather, but you want to go for real leather and cushioned soles that will stretch and mold to your foot. 

* Inspect the quality, you really want to look at the attachment of the heel. when looking at a cheaper shoe you can see the gaps between the sole and heel. 

* Consider the heel, keep the heel height around 3 inches, You will be able to wear the shoes for hours. Also look at the heel width, a skinnier heel is the most versatile. 

* Find a simple style, I love trendy embellishments, but really how long will you love those heels. Look for a clean look. 
* Don't go to pointy, the narrower the toe box the more of a pinch your toes will feel. Look for a bit of a rounded shape for a more comfortable and chic look. 

* Get the right coverage, Choose a heel that the side don't dip down to low on the sides or show off a lot of toe cleavage. Toe cleavage is the worst! So look for a more moderate cut, this will take you from day to night in a flash. 

What do you look at, when buying new heels??


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