Sunday, August 4, 2013

Le Tote Outfit

Last week I let you all know about a great program called Le Tote. This is an online rental site for clothes….a Netflix for outfits if you will. 

A few pros about this service:

* You can go on the website and choose your favorite items form a bunch of pictures. This becomes your closet and items from here will be most likely sent to you. 
* If you like any of the items, simply keep them. They will charge you a flat fee depending on the item.
* New clothes every week if you choose… Who can resist. 

Here are some pics of my favorite item (red tunic) 

this post is also be submitted for a lucky challenge for Dasani Drops. I love this red color and feel this reminds me of the bold colors of the Dasani Drops.  

Are you a fan of this red tunic??

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