Monday, July 29, 2013

Le Tote

I recently signed up for Le Tote because I kept hearing about it all over the blogs, so I thought I would give it a try. If you haven’t heard of Le tote before, they market themselves as the Netflix for clothing. Le Tote has stylist choose clothing and accessories for you based on your style preferences. They determine this by taking a little style quiz. For about $49 a month you receive a personal styled box filled with three garments and two accessories. Return the used items in a prepaid envelope and in about a week you get your next box. 

When I received my first box I was really impressed. The packaging looks great and there was also a personalized note from the girl who is my stylist, she told me to email her personally if there was anything in particular that didn’t fit, or if I don’t like, so she could adjust my next shipment. 
What I really liked about Le Tote is when it works it works! For example, I wore all my clothing in my second box. I woke up and didn’t even have to think about what to wear because I wore what was in the box sent to me. I didn’t have to think about cleaning the garments or looking through my overwhelming closet. 

This program is perfect for anyone that is like me and gets tired of there clothing and always wants to wear something new. For that reason Le Tote is perfect, it keeps my wardrobe fresh and fun with the latest fashions for about what it would cost to buy new clothing that I might not wear over and over. 

Com back to Nicole Kelly on Thursday to see my favorite outfit I receive from Le Tote


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