Monday, April 29, 2013

Crave or Save

Crave or Save
Get these Jackets Here:
Rag & Bone

when I first saw military jackets in fashion and on street style blogs, I'll be 100% honest and admit that I had a minor freak out. I'm all for androgyny dressing and unexpected fashion, but I just didn't think I could pull these kind of jackets off. It took me, well, okay, an entire week to cave in and acquire a jacket in this trend of military. I will tell you now I have two different army like jackets and I might be guilty of wearing them like every week. I found out that these jackets are indeed very versatile, and will definitely work with even girly clothing.  

So for crave and save this week I have presented the Rag & Bone jacket and the Rubbish Jacket. I love them both and think they are perfect for our everyday weather we get in Cali.

Which one is your favorite, the Rag & Bone or the Rubbish??


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  1. I would go with the SAVE one.. it still look stylish and didn't have to pay that much for it. :)

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  3. Save all the way!
    Stop by some time