Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedge Sneakers

I have some big news girls and guys…. sneakers aren't just for the gym anymore, now we have a fashionista sneaker its the wedge sneakers. These sneakers can be added to both girly girls and edgy girls outfits, they are also easy to dress up or dress down. I was skeptical about these sneakers because they don't really have any functionality benefit like a normal sneaker. I guess one awesome think about these wedges is they are more comfortable then your average heel or wedge. :) 

I have noticed that this trend is a little tougher then the average trend. Some people are loving these sneakers and some people are really hating them. Regardless of what people think, it is safe to say now that the wedge sneaker trend is growing and growing and can now be seen in a lot of stores. I not going to lie, I was very nervous to get these wedges, but I just could resist they are so comfortable and I wanted a more casual wedge. 

These shoes come in variety of colors, styles and heights. And they make a great simple statement. So next time you walk into your favorite store and see those wedge sneakers on the shelf, be sure to try them on, they might be your next favorite shoe.

Top: Nordstrom (Get Similar Here)
Necklace: Brandy Melville (Get Similar Here)
Jeans: Nordstrom (Get Similar Here)
Shoes: Target (Get Here)

Will you be rocking the Sneaker Wedges??



  1. Love the outfit. Don't forget to link up today.


  2. Woow great look! <3
    Cool shoes!

  3. LOVE the sneakers!
    Also that top is amazing :)

    xo Ally

  4. Thank you for linking up today. Hope to see you next time: Thursday April 11. The theme is show me your favorite spring trend.


  5. Totally got some wedge sneakers from Nike...and I never thought I would! haha

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