Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday Was easter and I was able to spend the day with my husband and his side of the family. Though it was amazing to see family and have a day off, it was a day to reflect and have faith. Durning this time it always gets me thinking and reminding me to always have faith no matter what is happening in life I am blessed in may ways. 

When thinking of easter the first think that might come to mind is jelly beans, baskets full of chocolate, and bunnies. But, as I have gotten older I have come to realize this is not the true meaning of easter. 

We celebrate Easter to remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us in order to save us from the sins we commit so we can go to heaven. More importantly Easter Sunday helps us to remember that Jesus came back from the dead. Although he is not physically among us, He is still present in our hearts.
So I want us all to remember this time whether you celebrate easter or not. There is a new life for all of us and to have faith no mater what happens in life. Take this time to reflect.
Have a great week, I know I am so excited for this week because I'm going to my first blog conference, Lucky FABB is on Thursday! :) 


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    1. Great post! As we're younger Easter is more focused about the all the fun and as we get older we focus more on the meaning of it all :)