Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Harem Pants

Something that I always dislike about my work wardrobe is that I wear a lot of black pants. This isn't because I am required to wear black but sometimes that is what is easiest for bottoms for work. (I am not allowed to wear denim), but this season there has been so many more options with trends such as colored twills, skirts, and harem style pants. 

Something I love about the harem pant is that it can be dressed up or down so easily. For a dressed down look I would pair these pants with a simple tee, belt and combat boots. In order to take these pants from that casual day look to night I would switch the shoes out for  wedges and add some fun jewelry.

Tips on styling these pants:

* Think about the fabric. Cottons and linens work well for most body types. Silk is appealing but doesn't flatter everyone.  
* Highlight your waist. This will help balance out the outfit. Try a fitted top and make sure to tuck it in. 
* Wear this style of pant with heels for an extra flattering look. (remember, in general heels make your legs look longer). They can work with flats for a more casual look too. 
* Most important tip let them be the star of the show.

While the harem pant may not be for everyone, this comfortable pant can inspire you to get a look that works for you. You should reach out of your comfort zone for my case it is to stop wearing boring pants this spring.

Top: Old Navy Similar Here
Shoes: Nordstrom 

Have you rocked the harem pants yet, or are you still on 

fence about them? Let me know what you think??



  1. Hi Nicole, these look more like what I would call a slouchy pant. To my way of thinking a harem pant has a significantly dropped crotch. Regardless, I like them.. and I wear them. Great outfit.

  2. LIke your outfit. Love the shoes. I'm doing a link up next thursday. HOpe to see you there.


  3. I've never worn a pair before but I think you did a great job of styling them!

  4. really love your pants, they fit you so well!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  5. Hi! I found you through Tara's linkup today, and you have great style. I haven't tried the harem pant trend yet, but it looks really good on you! =) I'm following you on GFC now, and hope you can visit my blog too:

    Avec Amber

    Thanks so much!


  6. i love your style with the pants!! i'm scared and almost refuse to wear them becasue they remind me of my childhood when I did wear's a tough style question for me hahaha

  7. I am so scared of harem pants, but you make them look so easy to style! Thanks for linking up! If you get a chance please link back to me or Sharon so that we can spread the word about the link up. Thanks!
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