Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fashion Must Haves A-Z - Boyfriend Cardigan

This weeks item once again is one of my favorites. The item is the Boyfriend Cardigan. The everyday Boyfriend Cardigan at one time did have a high fashion moment, this was when Marc Jacobs did a grunge look on the runway. But if you really look into it the boyfriend cardigan has been around long before the grunge trend and will be here for many years to come. I definitely look at the boyfriend as a staple, and this item should be in any women's wardrobe. 

I think what we need to realize after last weeks Blazer post and this weeks boyfriend cardigan post is that, anything that looks like it was stolen out of your boyfriend's closet will never go out of style and will be able to work in a women's closet. 

Styling Types:
* Look for versions that have buttons and two pockets in the front, this is the classic boyfriend cardigan and a perfect starter version.
* Wear it over a tank or t-shirt and then wear a skinny belt.
* Try wearing it will a feminine dress open. 

Boyfriend Cardigan

Quote of the chapter:
Dressing is a way if life.

Next Weeks Item of the week:

Which Cardigan is your favorite??


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