Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Skull Blouse

I have always thought of skulls to be gothic like or just to be worn durning October for halloween. Skulls have now become a hot commodity when it comes to women's fashion, home decor, and accessories. But skulls did not just become the item to have, Alexander McQueen introduced his famous skull print back in 2009. Now days you are seeing skull prints everywhere, from screen tees, to sheer blouses, ballet flats, and even pillows. 

when wearing this print you really need to be original and stay true to your style. You can definitely still be fashionable and stylish when wearing a print that might seem edgy or saved for people that only shop at Hot Topic. For me you will see, I try to keep it simple and  layer my tops to only show a glimpse of the skull print. 

Skull trend

My Look with a Skull Blouse:

Will you support the Skull trend?


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  1. Loving all the skull jewelry that's out now!!! Definitely thinking I need a shirt though

    xo Jackie