Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Must Haves A-Z - Black Opaque Tights

Even though I was gone for awhile I am picking up right were I left off with my fashion must haves. If you are just tuning in I will update you on how I am coming up with this list. I am going through the book, The One Hundred by: Nina Garcia. I will summarize her thoughts on the items we must have, and then show some suggestions of my take on that item. 

For this week we are looking at one item that is definitely a necessity to any women’s closet. It might not be worn year round but it something that I am a huge fan of! This staple is the Black Opaque Tights. 
Its hard to believe this item has not always been a staple, it wasn’t tell the 1960s   this item became a hit. From that point forward the black tight has never looked back. The reason is because this item makes the leg look sleeker, longer, and slimmer on everyone. When picking out the perfect pair of opaque tights make sure to look for no skin showing through, no splotchiness, and no shine.
Reasons to wear a tight:
  • Wear a black tight with black boots or black heels, this will give an illusion of long lines.
  • If you are questioning the length of your skirt or shorts, a tight will make it fashionable appropriate. 
A fun fact is they measure the opaqueness of tights and pantyhose by the density. The sheerest density is 5, and the most opaque is 80.

1. reverse star tights 2. ombre tights 3. chevron crochet tights 4. mock suspender tights
5. polka dot footed tights 6. back seam tights 7. plaid tights 8. wine tights
9. fishnet tights 10. super opaque tights

Next Weeks Item of the week:

Do you love wearing tights?


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