Monday, October 1, 2012

Anxiety and Stress

So a few weeks ago I was tell you all how I just need to look at the positive and be happy about what I have accomplished on this blog and in my life. 
So yesterday when I freaked out and had a panic attack because we had a leak in the garage, I was only thinking the worst, thank goodness I have the best husband in the world because he was able to reassure me that this is not the end of the world. 

With that said, today I am going to give some tips and tricks on how to deal with anxiety and stress. 

* Stay Positive*
When stress your mind can become clouded, try to stay positive. If you tell yourself you can get through your anxiety, you are giving yourself the motivation that will help get you through the situation. Every meltdown is really just a hurdle that will make you a strong person.   

* Focus on the Controllable*
Usually when stressed or anxious one will only look at the things we are not able to control, instead we obsess about the things we don't have control over. This will take time and energy. Instead we must focus on the controllable items.   

* Take Breaks*
When your life is surrounded by only work and no free time, this will break you down. This is probably the biggest stress reliever. Take a break and relax. It can be very hard to stop and let the chaos  go by you, but sometimes its necessary.

* Exercise*
Exercising is the perfect way to get out of the house and blow off whatever is bothering you. Also, being active with help you sleep better and help calm our mind.

Now after writing that I need to take a dose of my own medicine and relax. 

What stress relievers do you know?


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