Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashion Must Haves A-Z - Animal Print

This weeks chapter is all about animal print. Animal print it always coming and going in trends but the key to this, must have item, is to keep the element of surprise. What I mean by this is don't show it all off by doing all animal print. You should only be wearing one piece of animal print at a time, if you mix your prints you will be mistaken for road kill. 

So when wearing animal stick to a skinny belt or shoes, it gives you a pop of animal and show others that you now how to put an outfit together. There is a fine line when wearing animal print you can look oh so chic or very gaudy. 

Animal Print

We end this chapter with a quote:
"Why make everything black, black, black? Fashion should be fun and put a women in the spotlight with a little bit of danger, you know?" 
Roberto Cavalli 

Next Weeks Item of the week:

Ankle Bootie


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