Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blogger Spotlight - Kelley Maria

Name: Kelley
Meaning behind your blog name: 
I like to blog about whatever happens to capture my attention at the moment and wanted my blog to reflect me so I chose Kelley Maria, which is what my grandpa used to call me.  It brings back happy memories and reminds me of where I came from.
Meaning behind your blog name: I like to blog about whatever happens to capture me 
Hometown: Medford, OR
Current home: Portland, OR
Dream job: 
To have my own interior design firm specializing in residential design or run my leather business full time.
 If i could travel anywhere…: 
Too many to choose from - Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Greece... the list goes on and on!
I like to: Be outdoors in the sunshine, roaming around a new city and taking photos. 
5 things that inspire me: Nature, Photography, Quotes, Fashion, Travel
Favorite nail polish: Essie, Clambake
What inspires your style? 
I always want to be comfortable and I dress depending on my mood and destination. I don't like to look like it took much effort to get ready... that "effortless chic" is what I aspire for :)  Lately, I look to fashion blogs and Pinterest for inspiration.
What are 3-5 pieces you think every girl should own?
     1.  LBD (little black dress)
    2.  Good pair of jeans - it is worth it to spend more on a pair of jeans that fit well and will last.

     3.  White t-shirt 
    4.  Tailored blazer - a classic, timeless piece. 

    5.  Leather boots 
* All of these pieces can be dressed up or down and worn year round!
What is your "go to" outfit (if you have one)? 
Warm weather - sundress, sandals, sunglasses and a panama hat. Cold weather - leather boots with skinny jeans and a loose t-shirt with a sweater and scarf. 
Who are your favorite designers? 
I don't really own a lot of designer clothing, but if I did... Chloe, Chanel, Rebecca Minkoff

Here is a post that Kelley wrote just for us at Nicole Kelly:
| Summer to Fall |

Jacket | Top | Sunglasses | Pants | Scarf | Watch | Boots

It is about that time to start transitioning from summer to fall.  This outfit is perfect for early in the fall season when temps are a bit cooler and call for a jacket, but the sun is still shining.  Keeping your outfit light and bright in September is a nice transition from summer pastels and neons into the more rich tones of fall.  What I love about all of these pieces is that they can be worn during both the summer and fall seasons, so it is not necessary to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe for the approaching season... Unless you want to, of course!

Thank you for having me and please stop by Kelley Maria to say "hi!"

That you Kelley for be apart of my blogger spotlight! What a perfect outfit you have created to take us from summer to fall, I love it. 



  1. Lovely post, and great picks for the outfit.
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  2. I love that outfit, the watch and the scarf especially! I found you on ifb and imnabout to follow, wanna follow back? Lexie x

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