Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wish List Wednesday - Shoeaholic

While I was thinking about what I wanted to wish for this week, I saw the IBF all shoes photo challenge, and new this would be the perfect wish list Wednesday post. 

When it comes to shoes, I will admit

 I'm a shoeaholic

 I will spend all of my money on shoes, and mostly all on wedges. 

Below you will see my shoe wall and some of my favorite shoes I already own. 
Also, I have added some shoes I think might be a "must have" to add to my shoe wall collection.

Which ones are your favorites? 

My Shoe Wall 

These shoes are some of my favorites in my collection! :)

1. Sam Edelman (Nordstrom)
2. Love Culture
3. Chinese Laundry
4. Chinese Laundry
5. Chinese Laundry 
6. Sam Edelman (Nordstrom)
7. Seychelles (Nordstrom)
8. Steve Madden (Nordstrom)

These shoes are on my wish list! 

Are you a Shoeaholic?



  1. How a fun collection you seem to have, you seem to have many shoes for different occasions! I am loving those Steve Madden black bootie heels, they look great for winter! Hope you can also check out my collection: http://widespreadacceptance.blogspot.mx

  2. I definitely want every single shoes on your wishlist ! Love your shoe wall !

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  3. Oh my goodness gracious. I want a shoe wall like this. Looks amazing. Too bad my job is not very conducive to wearing heels!

  4. I'm not a shoeaholic but I might become one looking at your gorgeous collection. I love all the wedges! :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  5. Yes, I have to admit I have the same problem! Those chevron wedges on your shoe wall look kind of amazing! Following you now! :-)