Monday, August 6, 2012

Drop Waist Dress

The drop waist dress is not a new trend it is inspired from the 1920s. 

The actual 'drop' of the waist can vary on how low the waist is being dropped from the natural waist line. Some have a seam just one or two inches below and others go for a lower more dramatic look.
While many believe that this silhouette is unflattering to most gals, I think woman with a thicker mid section or classify their frame as 'boyish' can look best in this trend. The dress actually creates an illusion of height by elongating the torso.  The dress can take the focus off the natural waist line which gives them more attention to your arms, chest, and legs.
I personally love the look of these dresses!

Dress: Free People (Nordstrom)
Necklace: Nordstrom
Over the knee socks: Nordstrom
Boots: Cathy Jean 

Are you a fan of the drop waist dress?


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