Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blogger Spotlight - Gumboot Glam

Name: Ally Soeker
Blog: Gumboot Glam 
Meaning behind your blog name: 
Gumboot Glam plays on the casual elegance of the place that I call home: the beautiful, yet very rainy, Pacific Northwest.
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Current home: Vancouver, Canada
Dream job: 
Owning my own clothing boutique, as it’ll give me the opportunity to dress up others!
If I could travel anywhere: Bora Bora for sure!!!
I like to:
Shop, cook, bake, decorate, paint, practice yoga, and go for long walks with my boyfriend and dog.
3 things that inspire me: 
 hardworking people who follow their dreams (like my fellow bloggers!), my parents, and my boyfriend (who is also a genius and my photographer)
Favorite nail polish: 
I change my nail polish color almost every day. I literally have 100s of colors. I like Essie and OPI the best. My favorite colors change with the seasons.
What inspires your style? 
A combination of fashion mags and my parents – they have a great natural sense of style! It’s largely why my sisters and I have always gravitated towards the fashion industry. As a result, I love a classic-yet-timeless aesthetic with just a splash of fun here and there.
What are 3-5 pieces you think every girl should own?
1. A basic solid colored wrap dress – it can be dressed up or down, and suits all body types and seasonal fluctuations in weight.
2. A tailored blazer – it works for a variety of looks and occasions, and the tailoring helps it look great on your body type 
3. A comfortable (but still high) black or nude pump – maybe that’s two things? But if you can swing it, get both!
4. Well-fitting jeans – it’s a staple here on the West Coast, and, like the wrap dress, can be played up or down 
5. Flat, yet dressy boots – it just makes the Spring and Fall seasons so much more fun!
What is your “go to” outfit (if you have one)?
For the office, I love to mix up separates. However, my office “go to” would have to be skirts – they fit my body better with less tailoring – paired with a pretty blouse and blazer. On the weekends I am out and about, and tend to dress to suit the particular event. That said, I usually gravitate towards a flowery dress and some cute flats.
Who are your favorite designers? Chanel, Tory Burch and Dianne Von Furstenberg 

Here is a blog post she wrote for us at my love affair with fashion:

1. J. Brand Skinnies 2. Alexander McQueen Pleated Mini 3. Damsel in a Dress Plum Knee Length Dress 4. Christian Louboutin Suede Pumps 5. Miss Selfridge Sleeveless Blouse 6. Tory Burch Loafer 7. Mulberry Handbag 8. Lancôme Lipstick 9. Christian Louboutin Heels 10. Damsel in a Dress Blazer 11. Chanel Nail Polish

 It's in my favorite Summer to Fall hue: PlumI just adore this gorgeous dress,
this dress is really a wonderful piece that can be worn now or in a few months. I styled it with some pewter accessories, a Plum handbag, belt and lips. 

Want to see other outfits?  Check them out at gumboot glam

I hope you all visit Ally at Gumboot Glam

Thank you Ally for being a guest on my love affair with fashion!



  1. The looks are great!I saw your blog and its AMAZING!!! I have followed your lovely blog via GC & Bloglovin… Keep in touch!


  2. Thank you so much Nicole for featuring me on your wonderful blog!! I was so wonderful to work with you!
    All the best

    Please keep in touch,

    xo Ally

  3. Great selection !!!!! plum rocks, it's an amazing color! xoxo