Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blogger Spotlight - The Fitted Frame

Name: Ally
Blog: The Fitted Frame
Meaning behind your blog name: 

I like a sophisticated and sleek look.  Typically, this comes with well fitted clothing that flatters ones’ frame. (Well played, I know.)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Current home: San Diego, CA for summer; Eugene, OR for college.
Dream job: Art curator or working for a creative company on the business side.
If i could travel anywhere...: All over Europe.
I like to: Paint, watch movies and television, eat sweets.
5 things that inspire me : Tumblr, lookbook, art, music, nature
Favorite nail polish: Anything by Chanel or Essie
What inspires your style? I try to look good while being comfortable.
What are 3 pieces you think every girl should own? 

Black blazer, well fitting blue jeans, and a white v neck.
What is your "go to" outfit (if you have one)? 

I don’t have a go to outfit, but during the winter I wear skinny jeans all of the time.
Who are your favorite designers? Marc Jacobs

Here is a post that Ally wrote just for us at my love affair with fashion:

A wardrobe is incomplete without nice pants, a white v-neck shirt, and a black blazer.  Not only are these three pieces versatile, but they are flattering on everyone and can be appropriate for a variety of events.

Classy or Casual: V Neck

If you’re starting with a simple tee and jeans, your attitude can be vastly changed by the jacket, shoes, and lipstick.  I personally prefer the two looks above for dressing up a simple outfit.  
  • Jackets are the main point of the outfit and really set the mood.  A black blazer gives off a more sophisticated tone and the green leather jacket is much more casual.  

  • The shoes should coincide with the feel of the jacket.  Louboutins would look great with the black blazer because of the pop of red.  Of course, Louboutins would look great with about anything, but who has a thousand bucks to spend on a shoe (if you do, well...I’m always open to donations).  Brown booties would be a good fit with any sort of jacket that has earth tones in it.  

  • Lipstick with a minimal outfit also determines your vibe.  A red lipstick is more harsh on skin, but translates into a sophisticated look.  Compare this to a soft pink lipstick, which is much more natural.  Many people do not realize the power of lipstick.  It’s a must for any outfit if the clothing is simple and accessories are absent.

These are my two favorite ways of dressing up a simple outfit.  While predictable, these combinations work well with nearly any body type. Are you more accessory heavy with simple outfits or do you prescribe to a more minimal look?  I’d love to hear your opinions.

Thanks so much for reading.

WOW! What a great blogger spotlight from Ally, The fitted Frame. I am really loving doing these guest post, all these wonderful ladies are so inspiring. 

If you are interested in being apart of my blogger spotlight, don't hesitate to email me. :)


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