Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blogger Spotlight - Mabel Matilda

Name: Alexandria Gaines
Blog: Mabel Matilda
Meaning behind your blog name: 

Mabel and Matilda are my two great-great grandmas. My mom and grandma told me they are stylish hardworking and creative..and I love the old fashioned names they had so I just put the two together!
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Current home: Apex, NC
Dream job: 
Working for a magazine (graphic designer, writer, editor, etc…) or Having my own clothing line (I can keep dreaming right?)
If i could travel anywhere…: 
probably go to Paris again and take advantage of the opportunity more than I did. Other than that, Greece!
I like to:
 Go on my laptop (seriously…I’m on it more than most people..) travel, shop, try new things, and BE HAPPY!
5 things that inspire me: 
Regular people just like me who earn their success, Doing things people say you cannot do, Doing things people never thought you could do, Certain celebrities that I look up too, and my Mom.
Favorite nail polish: Anything by Essie, kinda boring but I love hot pinks
What inspires your style? Some of the fashion bloggers I see online, and Celebrities
What are 3-5 pieces you think every girl should own? 
1. Black jeans 2. Leather boots 3. Leather Sandals 4. Gold Watch 5. A versatile blouse
What is your ”go to” outfit (if you have one)? 
When it’s hot- black or brown sandals, a comfy pair of shorts (Free People has been my favorite this year), and a bold colored blouse. When it’s cold- Black jeans, Chunky sweater, black leather boots
Who are your favorite designers? 
Top 3- Tibi, Rebecca Minkoff, Alice + Olivia

Here is a blog post she wrote for us at my love affair with fashion:

I am obsessed with jewelry and I've formed quite the collection the past few years. Strangely enough I used to hate necklaces up until last year but now I am always wearing them! For an explanation on why I chose to pair each necklace with each 4 looks check out my post "Neck Candy" 

Some of my favorite places to look for jewelry are on Etsy, Shop Jeen, Forever 21, Francescas, and Cusp. The best thing about each store is that they offer a wide variety of jewelry. I don't ever limit myself to one style, because sometimes I want to be more grungy, sometimes I want to be more put together. Pieces 5, 6, 7 are pieces I love (and want) and have been seeing a lot lately. The Skull bracelet (5) is Alexander McQueen and I love this because its dainty and daring all in one and gold which is my favorite! Tory Burch wrap bracelets (6) have been everywhere! I'd pair it with a gold watch so it's not to little and not to much on your wrist. The House Of Harlow necklace (7) looks great paired with any top plus it's chic and edgy.

Thanks you! Alexandria for being a guest on my love affair with fashion! Everyone you are missing out, if you don't go check out Mabel Matilda!


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