Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wish List Wednesday's

I just recently grew out my fake tips. This is the first time I have had "real" nails in years. I’m currently taking care of my nails the best I can to strengthen them and make them healthy again. If anyone has any tips on what I need to do, I would love that! With that I am having a recent obsession with nail polish. 
Wish List Wednesday: 
Nail Polish

Essie Luxeffects -  I love tops coats, and Essie came out with special effects shades. This line comes with more types of glitter than we have every seen! One has big flakes and one has fine sparkle flakes. I really want these.   

Reverse French Manicures - I love this nail polish trend! Its fun and updated version of a true classic look. 

The best part of these is that I can try to do them myself.  I probably won’t do as well as a salon, but its been fun trying! I don’t have a lot of polishes, but I may try to start a stock pile.

What are you wishing for this Wednesday?


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